Billy Manzik - AllTogetherNow

Billy Manzik - AllTogetherNow
Release Date: 
released 2009
Track Name: 
1. On A Road
2. Hannah
3. Consigned
4. Same Thing Goes
5. On To You
6. Sounds
7. 61 Highway
8. The Needle Threads
9. Has Been
10. Time Passes
11. Note To Self
Recording Credits: 
Produced by Chris Wardman
Recorded by Jason "Metal" Donkersgoed at The Orange Lounge, Toronto and David Baxter at Knob and Tube, Toronto.
Mixed by Chris Wardman at the Twilight Lounge
Mastered by Joao Carvalho
Musician Credits: 
Billy Manzik: Lead Vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
Geoff Hilhorst: piano, organ, keyboard
Erik Allen: Drums
Mike Filipowitsch: electric and acoustic guitars, 12 string electric guitar
Johnny Kerr: bass, percussion, kalimba, harmonica, background vocals
Shelby Kerr: background vocals
Jay Hay: tenor sax
Tom Richards: trombone
Teppei Kamei: trumpet
David Baxter: electric and acoustic guitar, banjo
Chris Wardman: electric guitar