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Chris Wardman Producer Bio

November 23, 2009 - 8:03am

Chris Wardman first came to the public eye as the guitar player and songwriter for seminal Canadian new wave band Blue Peter. The band’s hit songs included “Chinese Graffiti”, “Radio Silence” and the hugely popular “Don’t Walk Past”. “Don’t Walk Past” continues to garner airplay on radio and MuchMusic, many years later.
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Discography :: Credits by Artist

November 23, 2009 - 12:46am

Includes Selected Music:
Audiosleep :: E.P. :: Chloe Original Soundtrack By Audio:Sleep [producer/mix] 2002-04
Randy Bachman :: Any Road [co-producer w/R.Bachman] 1992
Art Bergmann :: Sexual Roulette :: Art Bergmann :: What Fresh Hell Is This [producer/guitar] 1990-95
Big Wreck :: In Loving Memory Of.... [producer 2 tracks] 1997
Billy Manzik :: AllTogetherNow [producer/guitar/mix] 2009
Breeding Ground :: Tales of Adventure [producer]:: Obscurity and Flair [producer/guitar/co-writer] 1985-87
Blue Peter :: Radio Silence [co-producer/writer/guitar] :: Up To You [co-producer/writer/guitar] :: Test Patterns For Living :: Falling [writer/guitar]
Chalk Circle :: The Great Lake :: Mending Wall [producer] 1986-1987
Emm Gryner :: Girl Versions [producer] 2001
Jacksoul :: Eastbound mix [producer] :: Sleepless [A&R] 1996-2000
Leslie Spit Tree-o :: Don't Cry Too Hard :: Book Of Rejection [producer/guitar] 1990-92
Meryn Cadell :: Six Blocks [producer/guitar & noises] 1997
Shanti Wintergate :: Stranger Days and Stranger Days acoustic [producer/guitar] 2008
NEO A4 :: The Hard Way [producer] 1989
One Free Fall :: Mud Creek [producer] 1993
Platinum Blonde :: co-writer on "If You Go This Time" from "Contact" 1988
Rascalz :: "Northern Touch" [mix] 1998
Sons of Freedom :: Gump [producer] 1991
Rusty :: E.P. :: Fluke [producer] 1994-95
Slowburn :: Slowburn [producer] 1996
Still Lions :: Demos [producer] 2007-09
The Watchmen :: McLaren Furnace Room :: Slomotion (Greatest Hits) [producer] 1992
Demos, Singles etc :: Demos, Singles, + Staff Producer at Capitol Records 1989-1992

Other Credits

November 25, 2007 - 11:52pm

Staff Producer at Capitol Records 1989-1992
Guitar player / Songwriter for B l u e P e t e r from 1978-1985

Partial list of other bands worked with:
The Tragically Hip [arrangements & demos prior to "Up To Here"]
Big Wreck [demos and arrangements prior to "In Loving Memory of....]
The Pursuit of Happiness [single/video "Killed By Love" 1988, demos prior to "Love Junk"]
David Gogo [demos/writing]

Up Close With Emm Gryner

April 8, 2011 - 10:51pm

Posted by Li Robbins on Apr- 8-11

She's a songwriter, a sometime actor, and a rock 'n' roller who played in David Bowie's band). And recently, the multitalented Emm Gryner turned her hand to blogging about her experiences as a new mom. But don't worry -- this isn't your typical yummy-mummy bloggery. Emm started her blog, mumhum, because, as she says, "I learned so much about pregnancy and baby's first year and I want to write it down before I forget everything." And she promises: "No ads, no sappy mom stuff, no boring crap." (As evidenced from a recent tweet @emmgryner too: "Dear sleepy infant, what do you mean you don't want to be read TS Eliot The Waste Land at nap time?") In between forthright non-sappy blog posts, Emm's been hard at work at music, with a new recording called Canticle coming out in the fall. Meanwhile, she's Up Close with Drive in a studio performance.