Other Credits

November 25, 2007 - 11:52pm

Staff Producer at Capitol Records 1989-1992
Guitar player / Songwriter for B l u e P e t e r from 1978-1985

Partial list of other bands worked with:
The Tragically Hip [arrangements & demos prior to "Up To Here"]
Big Wreck [demos and arrangements prior to "In Loving Memory of....]
The Pursuit of Happiness [single/video "Killed By Love" 1988, demos prior to "Love Junk"]
David Gogo [demos/writing]
Go Four 3 / Thrill Squad [demos, guitar player/writer/album tracks]
Sherry Kean [demos/guitar player]
Andy Curran and Soho 69 [album]
The Headstones [demos]
John Alcorn [demos/writing]
Coco Love Alcorn [demos for BMG Music]
13 Engines [demos for EMI]
The Jitters [demos]
National Velvet [demos for EMI]
Zen Bungalow [demo/album tracks]
Bloody Chicletts [demos for BMG Music]
Loud Factory / Universal Honey [demos/guitar]
The Dundrells [demos]
Lori Yates [demos]
Sheep Look Up [demos]
Skydiggers [demos]
Touchstones [demos]
The Ringing [featuring Canadian Idol judge Zak Warner!] [demos]
Rythm Twins [album]
The Shadow Puppets [album]
Arson [featuring Malcolm Burn, became Boys Brigade] [demos]
The Amateurs [demos/CFNY track]
Jack DeKeyzer [demos]
Ian Menzies [demos]
Jeffry Hatcher [demos]
John Boswell Band [demos]
Mrs. Torrence [mixes for BMG Music]

Live Sound
Chalk Circle, Sons of Freedom, Rusty, Breeding Ground, Sherry Kean.....
Live to Air Mixes
Chalk Circle
Commercial Music
Harley Davidson, C.A.R.E. Canada...

Discography & Credits: