May 8, 2007
Burning Bridges Features the EP, "Up To You", along with "Version", which has 12" mixes from Falling, and unreleased demos and live recordings of "Pablo Picasso" and "Sweet Jane".
Feature tracks: "Don't Walk Past 12" Remix", "Chinese Graffiti", "Up To You", and "Sweet Jane"
catalogue #:7697425062

Falling Features the "Falling" album and "Vertigo", which is a collection of recordings made after "Falling" but never released, along with live recordings.
Feature tracks: "Don't Walk Past", "Unchained Heart", "Water Off The Moon", and "Right Stuff"
catalogue #:7697425072

Radio Silence Features the "Radio Silence" album along with the first EP, "Test Patterns For Living" and a live recording of "Take Me To War".
Feature tracks: "Video Verite", "Radio Silence", "Take Me To War", and "Factory Living"
catalogue #:7697425052

All of the tracks were restored from the original analogue masters and mastered by Peter J. Moore at The E Room.