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Today, Canada's Governor General announced new appointments to the Order of Canada, one of the highest civilian honours in the country. Among the appointees is Vancouver punk legend Art Bergmann, who is being recognized for his "indelible contributions to the Canadian punk music scene, and for his thought-provoking discourse on social, gender and racial inequalities."


1990: Art Bergmann - Sexual Roulette

The hero of Vancouver’s alternative music scene really hit his stride on his second full-length album, telling insightful and thoroughly rockin’ tales of desolation and disease that only a street-level view can afford.


Art's Toronto band includes Chris Wardman (guitar) and Jason Sniderman (keyboards), John Dinsmore (bass) and Sammy Kohn (drums).

Saturday, June 25, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
The Casbah
Hamilton, ON
'THE APOSTATE' - Official Album Release Show at The Casbah in Hamilton ON
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Art Bergmann performs at The Wavelength Festival
Feb 13, 2015 Toronto
Chris Wardman: Guitar
Glenn Milchem: Drums
John Dinsmore: Bass
Jason Sniderman: Keys


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Recording: Art Bergmann
Artist: Art Bergmann
Songs: My Empty House + Drones of Democracy

Empty House:
Empty House.mp3
Drones of Democracy:
Drones Of Democracy.mp3


After a short intermission, Art Bergmann took to the stage. A key figure in Canadian punk rock, the 62-year-old Calgary native has likely seen livelier days. That said, he still puts on a strong-sounding show (albeit a far too long show, given the circumstances.) He’s very much all snarled, near-spoken word lyrics while his band backs him up with aggressive, bordering-jazz instrumentals. Bergmann teeters around on stage, but he knows what he’s doing.


Picture: Chris Wardman, Glenn Milchem, Art Bergmann, Jason Sniderman, and John Dinsmore.


I'm playing guitar again for Art Bergmann at Sneaky Dee's:

Wavelength: Art Bergmann

February 13, 2015 at 7:30PM
with Controller Controller and Brides

Sneaky Dee’s $10 advance

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[“Dirge #1” sounded great thanks to his fantastic band which included producer/guitarist Chris Wardman and Blue Rodeo skin man Glenn Milchem.]

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Who: Art Bergmann
From: Vancouver, BC
Where: This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton ON
When: Thursday, October 23, 2014


Art Bergmann at The Great Hall Oct 24, 2014


Drones of Democracy is a pointed attack on the irony of bombing for peace. Musically, it's a slow, driving beat with howling guitars, leading to a crescendo of wailing instruments. Art and producer Chris Wardman have created a soundscape perfectly suited to the lyrics. It is arranged so that the final build leaves you feeling like you are standing in the aftermath of a bombing. There is no explosion of sound - There's a slight muffling as if you just lost your hearing because of a bomb. The bass continues its ominous flight. Gently wailing guitar echoes grief.


The ticking. It’s hard not to notice, harder still not to find extra meaning in.

It’s a frigid Friday morning and Art Bergmann is making some tea in the kitchen of the small, charming acreage abode just outside of Airdrie that he shares with his wife, Sherri, and their two rescue dogs. The veteran Canadian singer-songwriter has graciously agreed to a sit-down for a story to publicize his upcoming Alberta shows, his first in these parts for a good decade or more, and gigs that, hopefully, signal a welcome return to this country’s musical landscape.


- by Shawn Conner

At last!

I thought this one was going to kill me…

I’ve been working on it more or less off and on since seeing Art Bergmann perform at the WISE Hall on Canada Day a month ago. The more rumours I heard from the people there about the Vancouver singer the more interested I became.


Art Bergmann and Tony Dekker from Great Lake Swimmers performing a cover of Sin City at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto on April 25, 2009. Chris Wardman and Jason Sniderman from Blue Peter on Guitar and Keys, Sammy Kohn from The Watchmen on drums, Bob Egan from Blue Rodeo on pedal steel, Jonny Kerr on bass.

Art Bergmann - What Fresh Hell Is This

Sony Music Review
Southam News Review

#77 in Chart Magazines Top 100 Canadian Albums of All Time
WINNER :: Best Alternative Album Juno 1996

Art Bergmann

Label: Polygram

#94 In Chart Magazines Top 100 Canadian Albums of All Time

Art Bergmann (Polydor 511067-2)©, (p) 1991 Polygram Records of Canada Inc.

Art Bergmann - Sexual Roulette

Label: Duke St Records

Chris Wardman :: Producer / Guitar * Buy it on iTunes Canada

#42 In Chart Magazines Top 50 Canadian Albums of All Time
42. ART BERGMANN Sexual Roulette (Duke Street; 1989)