Shanti Wintergate
Love & Other Tragedies
The River 05:27
Sunshine 02:49
Be With Me 03:56
Fly With Me 04:17
The Sound 04:45
Attack Attack 04:43
Love Me Tender 04:52
Take Me 03:18
Dear Lonely 04:26
Red Red Rose 01:35
All Songs by Shanti Wintergate (except for Love Me Tender & Red Red Rose)
Produced by Brad Haehnel, Chris Wardman and Shanti Wintergate
Engineered, Manipulated and Mixed by Brad Haehnel
Additional Engineer - Karma Auger
Mastered by Stephen Marsh

Love & Other Tragedies is a journey through the inner worlds of Love, Life and Loss with Singer-Songwriter, Shanti Wintergate. Shanti explores new sonic landscapes mixed with powerful vocals and pop sensibility. Producers Brad Haehnel and Chris Wardman help to deliver a meaningful and beautiful body of work with incredible depth.