Randy Bachman
Any Road
1. Prairie Town
2. Any Road
3. I Wanna Shelter You
4. Overworked And Underpaid
5. 15 Minutes Of Fame
6. Tailspin
7. Vanishing Heroes
8. One Step Ahead Of The Law
9. It's Only Money
10. One Night In Texas
11. Why Am I Lonely
12. Prairie Town - (acoustic)
Producers: Chris Wardman & Randy Bachman

Sony Music
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This 1993 release features guest appearances by fellow Canadians, vocalist Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies and Neil Young on the track “Prarie Town.” “If you yearn for the days was guitar-playing was guitar playing, and singers told it like it was…this is definitely an album for you! Most highly recommended.” - Jim Brown, from the West Coast Music Review. Says Randy: “There are a lot of retrospective songs on Any Road. I never really did commentary songs before. Like, in “Fifteen Minutes of Fame,” I’m angry. In “Vanishing Heroes,” I’m in bewilderment. I’m asking, where are all the heroes? Then there is this wonderful retrospective look back at growing up in Winnipeg, which is both versions of “Prarie Town,” slow and fast. I’ve had musicians come up to me and say, ‘That is the ultimate Canadian song for any musician from the sixties and seventies.’ It tells everything. From learning to drive in the snow, going from coast to coast… There are some lines in there that I don’t even know how I wrote them… it was a fun, great album to record -- very satisfying for me as far as a personal statement and my first step out on my own after many, many years.”

Radny Bachman