Love & Other Tragedies

Love & Other Tragedies is a journey through the inner worlds of Love, Life and Loss with Singer-Songwriter, Shanti Wintergate. Shanti explores new sonic landscapes mixed with powerful vocals and pop sensibility. Producers Brad Haehnel and Chris Wardman help to deliver a meaningful and beautiful body of work with incredible depth.

Shanti Wintergate - Stranger Days

Stranger Days is the second album by Shanti Wintergate.
This collection of songs have an alternative edge, beauty and depth with soaring female rock vocals. 
All songs written by Shanti Wintergate, co-produced by Chris Wardman & Brad Haehnel.


This is a shot of Shanti and I working at Brad Haehnel's studio in Los Angeles where we have been recording for her upcoming release. Just for fun there will also be an acoustic version of the same tracks.