Picture: Chris Wardman, Glenn Milchem, Art Bergmann, Jason Sniderman, and John Dinsmore.

The tribute sets went by quickly, and a little past 11:30 it was time to switch formats. Out came the Canadian punk icon and his backing band, still packing a wallop. At 62, Bergmann still has plenty of fire in him, throwing out sarcastic remarks between songs and even asking the audience to insult him. His set was long, and it noticeably made some audience members restless, but Art Bergmann did not and does not give a shit. His rambling vocal style, a la Lou Reed, helped bring his highly political lyrics to life, and his backing band helped bring the noise. Later in the set he inspired some audience participation on “Company Store,” and he concluded his set after 80 minutes with “Drones of Democracy.”

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